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    I Choose to Live

    William M. Sinton
    Author, I Choose to Live

    William M. Sinton Biography

    William M. Sinton was born in 1925 in Baltimore, Maryland in the front bedroom of his family's brick hipped-roof bungalow. His earliest memories are riddled with his compulsion and curiosity of all things mechanical, electrical and astronomical. Later on, he became hooked on the concepts of ham radio and received his license to operate in 1940 at the young age of fifteen.

    He entered the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and dove into a curriculum of chemistry, physics, electricity, magnetism, steam engineering, calculus and trigonometry.



    After high school, Mr. Sinton entered the Army and was accepted into the Army Specialized Training Program which afforded him the opportunity of college after his stint in the Army.

    He received his AB and PHD from John Hopkins University and continued to add to his résumé a list of appointments and awards that include Research Associate and Lecturer at the Harvard College Observatory, Astrophysicist at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Astronomer at the Lowell Observatory, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Hawaii. His awards include the Purple Heart Medal and Phi Beta Kappa, to name just a few. He is listed most notably in the Who' s Who in America, American Men and Women of Science and in the 2000 Outstanding Scientists of 20th Century International Biographical Society and has had more than 100 articles published in various astronomical and scientific magazines.

    His administrative posts include Scientist in Charge of Mauna Kea Observatory, Co-Organizer of International Jupiter Watch, Member of Time Allocation Committee at the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility, and on the Advisory Board for Lowell Observatory.

    As a member of the ALS Association, Mr. Sinton has dedicated his life since acquiring the disease to motivating others who are severely handicapped to strive for a quality of life still available to those afflicted. He is a great inspiration and gives courage to all handicapped people and believes that even as an afflicted individual, one can still make useful contributions to the world.

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