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    The Christmas Star
    The Christmas Star takes the Gold!
    Dateline: On May 30, 2003, at the Book Expo America in Los Angeles, ForeWord Magazine announced their Book of the Year Awards. Catherine Lanigan's The Christmas Star was awarded the First Place Gold Medal Award for Book of the Year in Ficton Romance!

    Catherine Lanigan
    Catherine Lanigan
    The Christmas Star

    Catherine Lanigan Biography

    The national bestselling author of the novelizations of Romancing the Stone and The Jewel of the Nile, Catherine Lanigan has published twenty-four novels and non-fiction books, with her twenty-fifth, THE CHRISTMAS STAR being released by Banbury Publishing, November 1, 2002.

    Born in La Porte, Indiana, to Attorney Frank J. Lanigan and Dorothy Lanigan, Catherine has been writing for the past twenty-three years, though her career was stalled for a fourteen year period after her creative writing college professor told her she had no writing talent whatsoever.

    The Christmas Star


    Believing his words were wise, she abandoned her dream of becoming a writer until 1979 when she met a writer who encouraged her to give her talent another shot. Within a four month period she wrote her first novel, acquired an agent and had two publishing houses bidding on the book.

    In addition to her novels, which have been translated into twenty-seven languages around the world, Ms. Lanigan has written two non-fiction books, THE EVOLVING WOMAN: Intimate Confessions of Surviving Mr. Wrong, which is a compilation of real women's life stories in which they triumphed over abusive marriages and relationships. ANGEL WATCH: Goosebumps, Signs, Dreams and Divine Nudges, is Ms. Lanigan's spiritual autobiography in which she chronicles true stories of angelic intervention and the divine in her life, her mother's, father's and grandparents.

    The second in the ANGEL WATCH series will be released by BANBURY PUBLISHING in Spring, 2003. BANBURY will also be publishing in hardcover, MIRACLES ARE GOLDEN, November, 2003, a moving story of Jimmy, a lonely little boy who wishes for a golden retriever puppy for Christmas. Jimmy is killed in a skiing accident, goes to heaven, is told he must return to earth as a golden retriever puppy to a young boy stricken with leukemia.

    With heartfelt stories such as these, it is only natural Ms. Lanigan would seek to bring them to the big screen. As CEO of Mountain Zen Motion Pictures, Catherine divides her time between Houston and Los Angeles.

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