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    JoJo: A Dog's Tale--An Autobiography by JoJo Donahue

    JoJo A Dogs Tale Follow JoJo through his journey from hell into heaven as he chronicles his way from his own beginning through the most treacherous of times and chaotic existence until he finally finds his "Forever Home" and the "Forever Mom" he so longs for.

    You'll laugh out loud at some of his antics and you'll cry hard, salty tears when you experience first-hand this tiny little dog's story as told directly from him to you through an extraordinary animal communicator, Dr. Kim Ogden, and his new "Forever Mom".

    A must-read for all ages as you learn the heartbreak and terror of being abused, abandoned and left alone and finally finding love and peace and safety at the end of the journey. A very hard lesson in loving and caring for pets and animals of all kinds as it comes straight from the victim and shows the world that animals really do have feelings, emotions and longings for love and loyalty.
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    JoJo A Dogs Tale
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    Kim Ogden book Kim Ogden--Avrutik has helped thousands of animals and their human companions. As an animal communicator, she has solved behavior problems, found lost animals and saved damaged relationships. But there's another dimension to Dr. Kim's work: the lessons the animals teach us--lessons that help us grow. The twenty-four true stories in this book show that animals are sentient, intelligent beings who can share their thoughts and feelings and help us grow spiritually.

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    Fading Angel: A Chronicle of Love by Sande Donahue

    Fading AngelSande Donahue tells the tale of a daughter's struggle thru 16 years of her mother's battle with Alzheimer's disease.

    Sande Donahue takes you from beginning to end in her journey through despair as she struggles with almost sixteen years of Alzheimer's Disease caring for her mother.

    Her quest for understanding, knowledge, and assistance in a throw-away society teaches you step-by-step where to start, how to cope, and how to survive.

    But her story is unique as her mother shares with her the mental chaos experienced on a daily basis. Her mother talks about the terror, the fear of being discovered, the hallucinations, and the continual "wavering" in and out of reality. Ms. Donahue teaches you how to cope with all of these situations and how to create that ever precious"comfort zone" for the victims of this devastating disease.

    This book will help you:

    • Learn about the subtle signs of the onslaught
      of this treacherous disease.
    • Gain legal and financial knowledge for pre-planning and preparation.
    • Understand the disease and the current medicines and research.
    • Most of all, you will learn the secrets of survival for both you, the caregiver, and the victim.

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    Fading Angel: The Last Chapter by Sande Donahue

    Ms. Donahue ends her first book, Fading Angel: A Chronicle of Love, telling you that even though she has been prompted to finish the journey by sharing her experiences, she states that she cannot write about what she doesn't know. She said that she hadn't reached the end of the journey yet. But, in her words, "things have changed."

    In Fading Angel: The Last Chapter, she shares her most intimate experiences as she traveled the last month's of her mother's journey to the end. A compelling and heart wrenching book filled with extraordinary information, the kind of information that people don't talk about. If you are dealing with Alzheimer's in your family or your circle of friends, this is a must-read for all.

    The Christmas Star by Catherine Lanigan

    The Christmas StarCatherine Lanigan's latest release...
    The Christmas Star takes the Gold!
    Dateline: At the Book Expo America in Los Angeles, ForeWord Magazine announced their Book of the Year Awards. Catherine Lanigan's The Christmas Star was awarded the First Place Gold Medal Award for Book of the Year in Fiction Romance!

    Catherine Lanigan, bestselling author of Romancing The Stone and Jewel of the Nile, RETURNS with her new novel, The Christmas Star, that will keep you riveted page after page as she once again touches the hearts and passions of her readers while bringing a warm and joyous understanding of renewed and lasting faith. Her writing rejoices the power of love through the frightful horrors of war, scandal and family dissension as she takes her readers on a journey of everlasting hope and thought-provoking belief.

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    I Choose to Live by William M. Sinton

    I Choose to LiveWilliam M. Sinton,
    Astrophysicist & Purple Heart Medal Recipient

    offers us words of inspiration and courage
    in his new book, I Choose To Live.

    Travel his journey with him as he takes you from the early stages of his life through to his current status in dealing with the disease of ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, known as Lou Gehrig's disease. His candid story brings readers to tears as well as enjoying many humorous encounters along the way as he and his wife, Marge, deal head on with the disease and vow to keep "quality of life" their primary focus.

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    I Love My Life: A Mom's Guide to Working from Home by
    Kristie Tamsevicius
    Kristie Tamsevicius shares the secrets to home business success!


    I LOVE MY LIFE will show you how to start your own business and take charge of your life! Running a home-based business requires more than business savvy. It requires unique skills to create a business that serves you, rather than runs over you. It requires energy, confidence, and passion.

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